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Spring is a season of growth and renewal. Seeing how beautifully the flowers blooming with all their might, it reminds me to live my life to my fullest potential. 

Spring reminds us of our youth. Fearless and curious in my 20s, I traveled the world alone, moved to Japan alone, I had the dream to spread the teaching of yoga to people.

Sometimes we feel like we are getting old. The body gets old naturally, but what’s scary is that we lose our curiosity for the world, and that we have forgotten our passions and dreams.

Two years have passed since covid-19 started. There are times when I doubt whether I have made the right decision to be a yoga teacher, times when I worry if my work can support myself financially and send my children to university.

Spring always gives us the courage to move forward, to keep challenging ourselves and to learn new things.

The body gets old, but the mind can be calmer.

Thanks to everyone who joined me at Yoga Nature Kyoto. Under the blue sky, on the green lawn, surrounded by people and music, in front of Heian Jingu, I hope that we have all felt the full energy of spring. Let it remind us of the things that we are passionate about, the things we want to do in our lives. I hope that our yoga practice can help you to feel more energized, so you can continue to achieve your dreams.

Last but not least, stay curious about the world, and keep our earth clean.

『アースデイ in 京都』とのコラボレーション企画「YOGA NATURE KYOTO 2022」は4月16、17日開催しました!岡崎公園の芝生エリアで青空ヨガを行いました。

By Sandra Fang
Translated by HIDEMI
Photos by Tashiro Sadao